Hexagon Wall Light

(7 customer reviews)


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7 reviews for Hexagon Wall Light

  1. Owais

    Just ordered my 2nd one they look great

  2. Jill

    Im just happy it was easy to set up

  3. Dominic

    Awesome product

  4. Patric

    honestly this product looks amazing in my house I use it to show off to girls lol what it sets the mood

  5. Nate

    This makes my livestream look very good.

  6. Sheela

    I threw a party at my house a few times and all my friends always ask me to bring this light to the party lol they really like it and I send them all this website so they can get one for their house too.

  7. Tyler Brandon

    I actually don’t know how to decorate my house that much but when I turn the lights on it makes a big change and my house looks so cool

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